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CPR: Why Everyone Should Learn How To Save Lives

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CPR helps keep the blood and oxygen flowing, which increases the chances of survival for those who suffer cardiac arrest. Without proper knowledge of immediate first aid and medical attention, lives could be lost.

While you might think that lifesaving skills should be left to medical professionals – CPR training is crucial for everyone.

Sudden Cardiac Death

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart cannot maintain proper blood circulation throughout the body due to ‘malfunctions.’

The heart muscles do not contract adequately, which affects the distribution of oxygen and glucose around the body. If left without treatment, sudden cardiac death can occur.

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) refers to a person’s death usually within an hour from the onset of cardiac arrest. It is an unfortunate outcome which can be preventable with immediate first aid intervention.

SCA Statistics And Why CPR Is Important?

About 25,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of the hospital annually in Australia – with most of these happening at home. Unfortunately, half of these incidents do not get the help they need from bystanders before an ambulance arrives.

The performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation acts as an emergency procedure that helps save a person’s life once their breathing or heart stops. This technique uses chest compressions to mimic the pumping action of the heart, which helps keep the blood flowing throughout the body.

There are several good reasons to learn CPR. One of the most important is the fact that it can someday save lives – whether yourself or a loved one.

The Importance Of CPR Training And Certification

If the facts above are not enough reasons to get CPR training in your area or online, here are other reasons to learn this easy yet lifesaving skill.

CPR Can Four Times Improve The Odds Of Surviving SCA

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation keeps the blood flowing to the vital organs while waiting for the arrival of emergency services.

A study shows bystander CPR can increase the victim’s chance of survival up to four times. The standard survival rate of OOHCA is only 10%, but research shows that those who receive bystander CPR can nearly have a 45% odd of recovery.

CPR Prevents Brain Death

During a cardiac arrest, the heart stops the pumping activity in the brain and other vital organs.

When the blood supply is cut off, the victim may fall unconscious, and the brain can suffer from serious damage in a matter of three minutes.

After nine minutes of no intervention, there can be irreversible damage to the brain. Administering CPR in the early minutes can keep the blood flowing, which minimizes the damage to the victim.

CPR Promotes Faster Recovery

Receiving early resuscitation in a cardiac emergency promotes a higher chance of survival and recovery rate. It helps restore breathing and blood flow, which aid in the person’s recovery.

In some cases, the victim may return to life with minimal side effects after receiving effective and high-quality CPR.

CPR Is Easy To Learn

Like other skills, CPR can easily be learned through effective hands-on training and practice. Research shows that the majority of people (including thirteen-year-old teens) could perform CPR after receiving proper training.

CPR steps are fairly simple; however, you cannot learn how to perform this technique effectively by merely watching videos online. A hands-on training or an online zoom course supervised by certified instructors can help you get the necessary skills and knowledge.

First aid instructors will teach you exactly where and how hard you need to press in the chest to provide effective compressions.

Become A Life Saver

The First Aid Course Canberra is committed to providing affordable, quality first aid CPR courses to students who want to learn the skills and knowledge of saving lives.

We pride ourselves on being one of the trusted training providers that offer courses designed to fit your personal and professional needs.

Call us today on (08) 8382 4677 or head over to our website and enrol to become qualified to save a life in just a few hours.

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