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Checklist For A Camping First Aid Kit

First Aid kit

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First Aid Checklist for Camping: A good first aid checklist helps ensure you have everything you need to deal with illnesses or injuries that can happen on a camping trip.

In this ultimate guide to camping safety, we will discuss common outdoor injuries and provide a checklist to help build your own first aid kit.

Common Camping Injuries In Australia

Going camping is a rite of passage for most Australians, according to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Their records show that about 24.8 million people and 8.4 million households have included caravan and camping as an integral part of their holidays.

One of the best parts of camping is spending time in the great outdoors. However, being outdoors can pose a significant risk if you don’t come fully prepared. Weather-related issues such as stroke, dehydration, or frostbite can occur during your camping holiday.

Burn injuries can also quickly make your holidays a lot less fun, along with sunburn and skin rashes. Dealing with insect and bug bites also comes with spending time outdoors, so it’s a good idea to pack and use ointments and repellants.

Falling down the slopes and getting a scrape is common, especially if you are camping with children.

You can avoid complications from these minor accidents by having a good camping first aid checklist.

While it is impossible to prevent every camping mishap, you can certainly prepare for any issues that may arise while spending time outdoors.

Camping First Aid Checklist Essentials

Here are some items to bring along when camping to keep you safe from cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and more.

For Cleaning, Sterilising, And Disinfecting Wounds

Even minor cuts, scratches, and scrapes should be treated when you are out camping. There is always a risk for infection, especially if spending time in the bush or near water.

Be sure to bring medical disinfectants, antibacterial wipes or ointment, saline solution eye pads or drops, and hand sanitiser in your kit.

For Covering, Wrapping, And Protecting Wounds

Covering exposed wounds promotes faster healing and avoids infection. Add these items to your kit for additional wound care: band-aids, gauze pads and bandages, adhesive tape, bobby pins, and clips.

Medications And Painkillers

Every camping first aid kit should contain basic items to treat pain and discomfort, such as antihistamines, pain relief tablets, digestive aids, and medicine to address basic cold and flu.

Bring sunscreens, insect sting treatment, ice/heat packs, and aloe vera lotion for skin protection.

First Aid Accessories

These first aid tools and accessories are useful in the event of an emergency – first aid manual, plastic gloves, tweezers, scissors, thermometers, CPR masks, and personal medications.

It is also a great idea to bring emergency supplies such as long-life food, water, fire and light source, headlamps, a heat-reflecting blanket, and waterproof packaging to carry your kit.

The list above may seem extensive, with a lot of items to carry. However, it is important to consider the possibilities of what could happen in the outdoors with multiple people with you and no medical help nearby. Evaluate each item in your kit and decide which ones to bring and to leave behind.

Take A First Aid Course

A camping first aid kit won’t do much good if you or other people don’t know how to use these items. We strongly recommend taking a first aid course to learn the best course of action if an emergency occurs.

Enrol in a first aid course that covers common emergency scenarios in the wilderness. Learn important skills that might come in handy such as how to stop bleeding, treat hypothermia symptoms, splint fractures and broken bone, and more.

Visit the First Aid Course Canberra for upcoming courses near you.

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