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How To Help Someone With An Eating Disorder

Having eating disorders may mean that someone has problems with their attitudes to food, weight, body size, or image. All these can lead to change in their eating and exercise behavior which sometimes interfere with life and relationships.

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teen suicide

Mental Health First Aid Tips To Prevent Teen Suicide

Depression is a main cause of suicide amongst teenagers in Australia. Depression a complex mental illness that can cloud a person’s judgment. Pressure from family, friends, teachers and studies can also cause depression. Check with your teens regularly as they may be dealing with negative events in their life.

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First Aid

What Is DRSABCD In First Aid?

Learning the DRSABCD can help you cope with various types of emergencies. You may be able to keep a person breathing, reduce pain levels, and minimise the consequences of an injury until emergency services arrive. First aid could mean the difference between life and death for them.

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arm sling

How To Make An Arm Sling – First Aid Advice

A sling is used to immobilise and protect against an arm injury. Although broken arms are the most common reason for wearing a sling, you do not necessarily need to have a broken bone to wear one. Other injuries such as contusions, sprains, and dislocations may also require a sling.

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daily deals

Best Poison Prevention Tips For All Ages

Accidental poisoning is of the top leading causes of death in Australia, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Of all cases, it is estimated that adults account for 35% while young children ages 3 and below make up the highest percentage.

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Why Stroke Is More Common During Winter

A stroke is a medical emergency that requires prompt treatment. If left untreated, symptoms can slowly develop into serious chronic diseases. It can lead to brain damage, long-term disability, and worse, death. Apply preventative measures mentioned above to lower your risk of stroke.

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national diabetes week

Raising Awareness For National Diabetes Week 2021

This July 11 to 17, we are celebrating National Diabetes Week in Australia. The event is a powerful way to help reduce the impact of this wide-known disease. The primary goal is to raise awareness in the community, our state, and all across Australia.

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5 Safety Tips For Childcare Workers

Child care is a necessity for most families. Thousands of families across Australia rely on it almost every day. For that reason, parents expect childcare workers to be well-trained to ensure that children remain safe under their care.

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