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Can You Do A First Aid Course Online?

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Can You Do A First Aid Course Online: With first aid a highly desirable and valuable skill today, there is no wonder there is considerable demand for courses that help people understand the basics. However, only some have the time to take a full course in the traditional in-person training.

In this article, we are going to take a look at what is an online first aid course, what it involves, and why you might pick one.

Why Choose An Online First Aid Course?

Many businesses and organisations in Australia (and around the world) are increasingly taking advantage of the variety of online courses, and those relating to first aid and safety are amongst the most popular.

There are many reasons behind this. One is to have members of staff trained in lifesaving first aid, which can be extremely useful in preparing for emergencies and dealing with accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace.

Accidents and injuries can happen in almost any workplace, regardless of industry, making first aid a very valuable skill for a worker to have.

Aside from getting certified, taking a course means you know how to respond properly to accidents at work. The benefits of first aid training range from giving employees a better standard of life at work, reducing time off sick, and lessening the likelihood of legal challenges.

Online first aid courses offer major benefits over traditional face-to-face training that are especially beneficial for businesses and organisations. These include:

  • Lower time commitment
  • Training can be taken at a more convenient time
  • Courses can be paused for the time being and picked up again at any point
  • Create a positive and safe work environment
  • Confidence during an emergency
  • Highly transferable
  • Minimal cost for what could potentially save a life

When looking for a course, either for yourself or a group, it is important to research options to find out what exactly each learning option offers.

It is important to note that some e-learning courses do not qualify you to become a workplace first aider. There are strict legal requirements in some states about what must be undertaken, among with other learning considerations.

However, all good and qualified online courses are put together by trusted and registered training organisations (RTOs).

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Online First Aid Course?

More and more businesses and organisations are requiring first aid certification, but it appears that only a small portion of the Australian population has this lifesaving certificate under their belt.

With the recent health crisis and the aftermaths of it (lockdowns, social distancing, restrictions), most training organisations came up with the best solution to address the growing need for first aid training without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Online first aid training is now available, making it the ideal solution for busy individuals who want to secure a certification at their own time and pace and in the safety of their house.

Can you do a first aid course online? Here are six reasons why you should consider getting one.

Complete The Course In A Blended Learning Format

Online first aid courses are usually offered by RTOs in a blended learning format.

In the blended learning format, you can complete the online portion of the course (e-learning) anytime, anywhere, before attending in-person skills sessions conducted by a first aid instructor.

The blended learning format allows 75% of the course to be taken online, with the remaining 25% completed in a traditional classroom-based setting. This gives you the option to complete the main portion of the training whenever and wherever works best with your schedule.

Take The Course At Your Own Pace

One great thing about taking a first aid course online is the flexibility it offers to the students. Begin the course at a suitable time and complete the lecture portion at your own pace and convenience.

You have the option to take the course early in the morning or evening, in between work breaks or whenever you have time.

Receive Easy, Unlimited Access

Get unlimited video and written curriculum access when you enrol in an Online First Aid course.

Take one lesson or more at a time or retake modules you need help understanding. Furthermore, you can access the online part of the training from any inter-connected device such as a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. Return anytime to watch first aid topics that will help refresh your memory.      

Enjoy Interactive Learning

E-learning courses usually offer a friendly and interactive interface presented in a clear, simple, and quick-to-operate format. These include video and audio descriptions, games, puzzles, quizzes and other resources, making it a fun learning experience for students.

Stay Up-To-Date

First aid techniques are constantly evolving as new research emerges over the years. Online training courses from a trusted RTO will ensure you are up-to-date with any significant changes in first aid techniques and procedures.

Get First Aid Certification

Make sure to sign up in a registered training organisation to secure a nationally recognised certificate after completing the training.

Get Trained

In today’s fast-paced world, not everyone may have the time to attend an in-person class. Embracing digital learning is one of the solutions to deliver you the training you want at a more convenient schedule.

The First Aid Course Canberra offers a range of online First Aid and CPR courses that are nationally recognised and delivered in blended learning that combines online theory learning (e-learning) with reduced time of face-to-face hands-on sessions.

Complete online self-paced learning at your own time and speed, then attend the traditional classroom setting for assessments and evaluation. Whether you are getting the course for the first time or want to renew your first aid training, an online first aid course is the best choice for you.

Learn first aid online and gain the skills and confidence you need to save a life via our new learning platform.

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